A day-dream arising from conscious or unconscious wishes or attitudes


Don't Get Too Close To My Fantasy is a text based, crowd-authored, public project reflecting individual experiences of fantasy and the role it plays in our lives.

Fantasies are part of the duality of life – we have a sleeping life and an awake life; we have a real lived experience and an imagined one that is limitless.

Making individual fantasies public is an attempt to connect people by sharing the essence of their interior worlds with others – fantasies provide some of the most authentic, creative and revealing material about us.


This project tests the hypothesis that we fantasise more than we realise, losing ourselves for a second, down a worn path or into a place unexpected; and that these moments provide us with emotional sustenance; they are private reveries that act as extensions of ourselves.

Fantasy is the word given to describe mental imaginings, something untrue, something that does not exist and is unlikely to exist. It is a word laden with negative connotations too – fantasy can be delusional and unhealthy.

The intention of the project is to capture the diversity of imaginative thought truthfully.

Participate in this project

Don't Get Too Close To My Fantasy will publish participants' fantasies anonymously online, in public spaces and in Le Roy magazine as an examination of language, imagery and the privacy of our minds.

This is an open call for personal fantasies.

Deadline for submissions: Monday 18 July, 2016.